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The Martini Tumblr turned 2 today!

The Martini Tumblr turned 2 today!

At the Front Street Brewery in Davenport, having a post-photo-shoot beer and chips with my friend and photographer, Jason. He’s expensive, but he’s good.

Linus is wearing his new fashionable sweater.  The weather has turned its back on him, he tells me.

For the longest time it seemed senseless, you might say, to post here.  I am not sure why, dear readers, but I have been preoccupied and have only just now decided to return to the Tumblr-verse.

It may be a day or two before I regain my sea-legs.

Thank  you.

There we are. A long, strange winter, and a devastating yet invigorating  start to spring.  Where the heck is that jar of olives?

If I were me (and I am), I would set down that slice of pie and pick up a fresh piece of charcoal.  There’s a lot of bricks coming up on the horizon.  Know what I mean?

No, neither do I.  Beware.

Josh Duffee and the Greystone Monarchs!! A new name for his orchestra! Live in Davenport…tonight!!

in the flames.

Josh Duffee and his Orchestra! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

Lamp. Lampy, lampy lamp.

An unfinished church. The picture is unfinished, that is…not the actual church.

You know what I mean…

Happy Friday.  The Mayan Apocalypse is approaching and I have purchased a new bottle of jumbo queen olives.

I have written three novels this year, and am now going to take a break and write only short fiction until the new year.  I will begin working on my new “Crawford County” - type novel in January.  Until then it is nothing but martinis, short stories, and flash fiction! Woot!

Beware the midget cowpokes on the streets today.